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NCOUNTERS is a domain of encounter for people with different cultural, political and socio-economic backgrounds. It is an attempt to create a common ground for people with diverse daily practices. It stresses the impact of artists’ unique backgrounds on their creative work in the pursuit of spreading inspiration.

NCOUNTERS fosters emerging artists by providing them a space to practice and experiment, to fail and succeed. It encourages people to label themselves artists.

NCOUNTERS considers music a medium to narrate stories based on previous experiences, feelings and thoughts. Apart from the tangible, dreams, hopes, expectations and things beyond the realm of physical experience are also open for narration. In essence, subjects have no limit.

NCOUNTERS conceptualises techno as a whole as a forum for better dialogue between individuals since it is the unspoken language of human beings. Beyond words, there is always a rhythmic kick-drum and harmonic vibrations.

NCOUNTERS builds bridges between individuals and gathers them together around non-commercial sounds. Diverse people swaying in unison with the same fat bassline – that’s magic brought to life. Although techno is the focus, other sonic variations can also make space for unexpected encounters.

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