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Taken by Theo Lemaire for NCOUNTERS, 2019

´I try to play as powerful and danceable as possible.`

Danny takes us on a nostalgia trip back to the Dubstep days, giving NCOUNTERS an insight into the sounds and subgenres that provided the foundation for his interest in electronic music. He reminds us that DJing doesn’t have to mean encountering challenges – by staying true to his own tastes, he is able to curate an audience that shares his enthusiasm and enjoyment for his selections. 

NCOUNTERS: Whe re did you grow up?​ How did you form your early musical aesthetics?

Danny: I grew up in a very small village in the countryside of Luxembourg. Being where I am now, music-wise, has taken some years. I started listening to Dubstep when certain artists (such as: Skrillex, Flux Pavilion and Sound Remedy) were big and emerging talents, which was around 2011-2012. My passion for electronic music really took off when I discovered Drum and Bass. At that time, Liquid DnB producers such as Netsky and Hybrid Minds were the first ones to get me hooked, before I discovered a certain subgenre called Jump Up (a bass-heavy and robotic sound, characterised by high-energy percussive elements – which emerged in the mid-1990s) 


The Jump Up scene in Luxembourg was big - events like Snaaserie and Sub Culture invited top of the line artists on a regular basis. I remember Hedex and DJ Guv, two of the most hyped DJs, playing in Luxembourg. In Belgium the scene was even bigger with real festivals and tons of raves taking place every single weekend. These kind of events no longer exist in Luxembourg though, the hype has completely vanished. Unlike the DnB scene, the techno scene in Luxembourg is consistent; there have always been some clubs playing exclusively Techno. I can’t really say a lot about those, as I’ve only been there a couple of times. However, huge acts like Dax J and Rebekah have played at these venues. Events take place every weekend, mostly with international invites.



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Taken by Theo Lemaire for NCOUNTERS, 2019

´Unlike the DnB scene, the techno scene in Luxembourg is consistent; there have always been some clubs playing exclusively Techno.´

How did you encounter with the music that you produce? Was there an alternative music culture in Luxembourg? Was there a specific challenge that you can point out regarding the scene in Luxembourg?

Underground raves and small open airs do exist and were the highlights of my nightlife experiences in Luxembourg. There was one spot in particular, near the capital, where people gathered almost every weekend to throw parties. I played at a couple of events there. However, I wouldn’t consider myself having been a part of that underground rave scene. The only events I played where organised by very good friends. 

I would say that there is no challenge or difficulty an artist has to cope with that is especially hard in Luxembourg. As social media is the best promotion, and cities like Cologne, Saarbrücken, Nancy and even Paris are not that far, one can easily get in touch with international artists.

What are the current sources of inspiration on forming your sets?


Even though I still listen to DnB, I exclusively play Techno sets, either very deep 4/4s sets, blending and looping songs for several minutes if the crowd allows it, or peak-time Techno bangers and old anthems, if the crowd is more erratic and fast-paced. I really enjoy the deep sets though. Despite characterising them as deep, I try to play as powerful and danceable as possible. To name some artists I look up to; Magna Pia, Kaiser, Setaoc Mass, Blazej Malinowski, Gëinst, Pär Grindvik... A special tribute to Dyad for the song ‘From Another Place’ - if I had to choose one song that describes the vibes I try to create on the dancefloor, I would go for that one.

When did you move to the new city? How is your experience with Berlin as a migrant backgrounded emerging artist?

I moved to Berlin in September 2018. I’ve been meeting a lot of like-minded people who enjoy the same kind of techno as I do. That’s why the events I played at, two open-airs and several house parties so far, were super fun and filled with great energy. As a hobby DJ, I only play the sound I really enjoy and I guess there is a large audience that enjoys the exact same sound, which makes it quite easy for me to hit the spot. 

As I consider Djing a hobby, I do not challenge myself to stand out amongst the vast amount of talented artists in Berlin. Much rather I see it as a great opportunity to meet new people, exchange ideas or maybe even work together as we’re doing right now. All in all, there are no challenges I have to face in this big city in order to express myself as a DJ!

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Taken by Theo Lemaire for NCOUNTERS, 2019

´ I guess there is a large audience that enjoys the exact same sound in Berlin, which makes it quite easy for me to hit the spot.´

What are your plans and expectations for the future?

To be honest, I don’t have any concrete plans for the future. If I get the opportunity to play or organise an event in a real venue, it would of course be a big step. Other than that, I’ll just keep on playing at home, and from time to time at a party if the opportunity arises.

Photos: Theo Lemaire

Graphic Layout: Can Hatunoglu

Editor: Charlotte Collins

NCOUNTERS, Berlin (2019)

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