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Premiered by the Brvtalist, /NCNTRS 001/ welcomes a multi-discipliner collaboration: If I was a human being.


A track by /KU8I/, accompanied by a dance choreography by Sascha Kimel, and audio-reactive videography by Baris Pekcagliyan. The piece stresses existential myths alongside a dark-rhythmic groove.


Music: /KU8I/

Title: If was a human being

Dance & Choreography: Sascha Kimel

Videographer & Visuals: Baris Pekcagliyan


CN: /NCNTRS 001/

Format: Digital (Free Download)

Mastered by Alex Picciaffuochi

Cover Photo: Baris Pekcagliyan

Cover Design: Isabel De Urquia Lara




Cover Design: Isabel De Urquia Lara, 2020

NCOUNTERS, Berlin (2020)

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