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NCOUNTERS: Towards an Interactive Audio-Visual Collective Space of Migrants

What is the role of artists' diverse backgrounds in collective artistic work?
How can techno scene be re-constructed as a space to empower migrant subjectivities?
Is it possible to formulate electronic music as a bridge between party scene and daily struggle of migrants?
Can heterodox electronic music promote a room for encounters between diverse backgrounds of migrants?
Can heterodox electronic music provide a non-hierarchical, autonomous and solidarist space for encounters between the diverse artistic, social scientiic and political intellectual productions of migrants?
How can we provide more space for more encounters between migrants and other oppressed / disadvantaged groups in Berlin through our audio-visual collective space?

One year ago, some people with migration background and different interest areas such as artists who has no space to express their work, social science students who have no space to apply their theories to practice, political activists looking for new forms of resistance came together. They started to imagine how they can create a room for their diverse artistic, intellectual and political needs around their common migrant subjectivity through techno. They could not find certain answers, but some further questions like above instead.

This party can be considered as a first step of a long journey towards finding some answers to these questions and ask new ones. No one who took part in the organization of this party has a certain idea what exactly we are doing here. Just let NCOUNTERS to direct us. Feel free to contribute this journey with your ideas, feelings, work, solidarity and yourself!

If we are having fun together, we can also produce together. We can create a space to express our diverse realities (in an interdisciplinary way through heterodox electronic music!)

Just be open to new encounters!

With solidarity

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