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Beste Hira - /NCOUNTERS 016/

NCOUNTERS is pleased to present an exclusive interview with Beste Hira, the dynamic and determined DJ and producer known for her hypnotic techno sound. In this interview, Kubi Ozturk had an intimate and insightful conversation with Beste about her journey as an artist, her unique approach to music production, and her upcoming live projects involving her beloved cello.


Güner Künier - /NCOUNTERS 015/

At NCOUNTERS, we are thrilled to introduce our readers to the rising artist, Güner Künier. With the recent release of her debut full-length album, Güner has established herself as a force to be reckoned with in the underground music scene. Her background in post-punk, wave, and goth is evident in her powerful and evocative live performances, leaving a lasting impression on audiences. 

Whattis - /NCOUNTERS 014/

Whattis the Rave Queen and resident of queer collective Bleak Narrative has spoken now for NCOUNTERS Berlin! 

As Bleak Narrative they recently started throwing parties in Berlin - if you missed the first one stay tuned for the upcoming ones! Special creative photo shooting & styling for this act of NCOUNTERS was done by Edge Berlin.

Pro Athlete - /NCOUNTERS/ Invites #3

Released on the rising labels of the B town such as ISMUS, STRECK, Space Trax, and Carceres, Xavier aka. Pro Athlete stands out with his eclectic aesthetic from techno/trance to dark-wave and hip hop.

The third act of our "Invites" series features Boston-based producer/DJ Pro Athlete with an hour of pure fire to kick off your weekend right.

Aleto - /NCOUNTERS 013/

Number 13 presents Berlin-based artist from Meddelin: Aleto. Aleto embodies the transmutation of emotions, embraces the chaos magic integrated with the rebellious and esoteric aspects of techno, as for his music is an entity and musicians a channel of transmission.

Her Absence Fill the World - Part-Time Punk - /NCOUNTERS 012/

The 12th installment of the project features a review by Yigitcan Erdogan for the EP Part-time Punk by Her Absence Fill the World. Released last June on Detriti Records, the first EP of the Berlin-based transnational duo invites you to a journey along the dark-wave-infused tracks.

/KU8I/ - If I was a human being - /NCNTRS 001/

Premiered by the Brvtalist, /NCNTRS 001/ welcomes a multi-discipliner collaboration: If I was a human being.

A track by /KU8I/, accompanied by a dance choreography by Sascha Kimel, and audio-reactive videography by Baris Pekcagliyan. The piece stresses existential myths alongside a dark-rhythmic groove.


NZM 99 - /NCOUNTERS 011/

We are pleased to have the head of TJALK records, contemporary EBM artist: NZM 99. 

Recently released his eight tracks EP "Walkyries Walk" including remixes from IV Horseman and Minuit Machine, the artists focus on the shattering, dark-industrial aspect of EBM music.

Hybral - /NCOUNTERS 010/

We are pleased to have the founder of the queer feminist techno platform Subverted podcast, DJ, and producer Hybral. Recently released Copyleft User EP on Istanbul-based label Vast Perception, Hybral has achieved to be played by many established artists such as Paula Temple and SNTS. We also had the opportunity to talk about the role of techno music to deconstruct the orthodox gender identities as well as the inner dynamics of the Berlin queer techno scene.


We are pleased to welcome a new crew member with the 9th act of the series: KOR.
While mastering the technical aspects of music production via studying audio-engineering in Berlin, passion is the driving force of the creative work of KOR over the years. Recently moved to Berlin for his further endeavors as an audio engineer and producer, KOR garnished the set with his unreleased arsenal.


Mind I Matter    /NCOUNTERS/ Invites #2

The second instalment of the series invites one of the contemporary post-punk, EBM, industrial Parisian artists: Mind I Matter. 

We had the chance to talk about the political and aesthetical motives that constitute the punk infused rebellious sound of Mind I Matter as well as the current actors and trends on the EBM, post-punk scene alongside an hour ride containing ´industrial / EBM to more noisy tunes, mostly made by friends and people I admire´ and some unreleased content in it as well.


Katerina Lenoir     /NCOUNTERS 008/

8th instalment of the project features an audio-visual set by an outstanding North African artist: Katerina Lenoir.

Releasing two albums earlier this year ”Ausgang" and "Undisclosed", now on the preparation of the third one "Beton Atmen”, Katerina is a Cyborg type B-147, queen and frontline soldier, half vampire half war machine.

We also had the chance to talk about the Queer-techno scene in Tunisia opportunities/struggles and the limitations by the state authority on the scene.


Veronique     /NCOUNTERS/ Invites #1

Still fresh in our minds are memories from The Meaning of Rave's 48hr marathon event outside Poznan, definitely one of the highlights of the narrowed techno scene of Summer 2020. We are happy to have TMOR founder Veronique´s set for our newly launched series, NCOUNTERS Invites. Veronique delivered a full banging, flat-out set, while putting on an impressive line up including DJKAOS11 aka Hector Oaks, Keepsakes, Tham and Echoes of October. The set invites you to journey back to this magical weekend in Las Palace, a brief respite from this year's relentless disorientiation.


Dance Divine    /NCOUNTERS 007/

7th instalment premieres the audio-visual series of the project with an hour of exclusive set including variety of sonic forms: from techno to break-beats, vocals to political motives by Dance Divine. An audio-visual project by Diana Dobrescu, Dance Divine has their origins in music, visual arts, lunatic energy and for sure variety of forms of political activism such as ecofeminism and different deconstructive approaches towards patriarchy. 


Danny    /NCOUNTERS 0006/ 

Danny takes us on a nostalgia trip back to the Dubstep days, giving NCOUNTERS an insight into the sounds and subgenres that provided the foundation for his interest in electronic music. He reminds us that DJing doesn’t have to mean encountering challenges – by staying true to his own tastes.


Ernsthaft?    /NCOUNTERS 0005/ 

Stockholm-born Ernsthaft? gives us an insight into his first encounters with electronic music as a teenager, and the tension of seeing the ‘scene’ back home evolving and changing. He also shares how moving to Berlin has provided more opportunities to develop as an artist - from a new-found love affair with vinyl, to the “inspiring environment” of the city.


Obla    /NCOUNTERS 0004/ 

Obla is a DJ/producer from the city of Bergen. Getting his first CDJs when was only 12, Obla was influenced by electronic music from a very early age. He is one of the organiser of “Flekken”, a party series following the same spirit of the 90s rave scene. His DJ sets are also influenced by the same energy, packed with heavy hitting Techno songs. Now residing in Berlin, he is a promising artist that continues to grow and spread his sound.

Ianni Luna (1)-01-01-01-01.jpg

Ianni Luna    /NCOUNTERS 0003/ 

The next episode welcomes an artist form Brasilia: Ianni Luna. Her musical journey starts from younger ages, influenced from different sounds, whether the politicalness of Punk or the ethnic currents in MPB.


Toiling    /NCOUNTERS 0002/ 

In this instalment we hear from Australian-born Toiling, Hugh Barnard. He details how his hometown scene in Sydney. When it comes to his exploratory live sets, expect chaotic cosmic fluctuations and mind-bending electro pings – taking you on a visual and vibrant musical trip.



NCOUNTERS invites the Sicilian duo NVMNR to share their musical journey – from making waves in their hometown’s scene, to diving into a new life in Berlin.

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