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We are thrilled to premiere the title track of one of Toiling’s debut EP: Regrow.


Toiling represents his industrial, experimental, destructive style that we know from underground Berlin parties of the past with the title track.

The full release will be available on 9 December via Connection Verified from Melbourne/Naarm (the Indigenous name for Melbourne).


The release is a part of 'Connection Verified Unreleased Series' (CVU), which promotes emerging artists, and all the releases are for free download on Soundcloud


The release features two original tracks, an Alternate Mix by Jonny Reebok and a Remix by myspacejuan


Music: Toiling

Title: Regrow (Original Mix)

Label: Connection Verified 

CN: CVU014

Format: Digital (Free Download)

Mixing: R-T-FAX

Mastering and Cover Art: Connection Verified

Toiling Instagram:

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NCOUNTERS, Berlin (2020)

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